Welcome to the FL Scene

This is my first post on the Florida Scene and I wanted to start out by introducing my main  goals with this blog.

First of all, I wanted this blog to be a news source for current events. Finding local music is a bit disorganized. I wanted to create a space where releases are catalogued for local listeners to find. Keeping a chronological database of independent artist releases and updates is one of the main focuses of this blog.

I also wanted to create a memory box for those who are engaged in Florida independent music. I know that one day I may look back at this time and wish I had more concise details about what I was listening to. I wanted to provide a place where listeners can check to see progress of their favorite bands and feel connected to them.

This blog serves to preserve music in a completely do-it-yourself context. I hope this content is a reliable, timely, and accurate source of local releases and a place to look back into the timeline and reflect. The Florida Scene should preserve a sense of community among listeners and those who support their favorite artists.

I believe the main issue with local music currently is lack of hands-on involvement. By uniting fans, I believe more participation will result. The music community is build entirely on the support of fans and volunteers. This blog serves to provide supporters with inspiration to come together and help artists in their community.


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