February 2017- Expire’s Last Tour

Hardcore fans know Expire as one of the best acts in the genre. Their high energy performances and crowd involvement are unforgettable. The band formed in 2009 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been touring for almost five years. Hardcore super label Bridge 9 picked up the act in the beginning of their career, giving them many opportunities to play sold out shows and tour with popular bands like Terror and Bent Life.

Being from Milwaukee, Expire belongs to the group of midwestern bands that refer to themselves as Midwest Blood. Midwest Blood Fest has attracted thousands of hardcore fans, creating a super-fandom for Expire. As their last tour approached, many shows sold out. Expire fans are ready to go wild one last time for a band that has been active in the scene for over 8 years.

I attended Expire’s date at the Local 662 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although it was a Monday night, the line to get into the show wrapped around the venue. I recognized many people who go to shows of many genres around Florida. Expire seems to be a connecting artist between those who listen to traditional hardcore and those who lean more toward metalcore.

Homewrecker, Cross Me, and Florida local artist Bind, opened the show. I love that Expire chose these bands to come on the road with them. They are smaller artists who now have a much bigger opportunity for success because of this tour.


It seemed that many people were conserving their energy for Expire’s set. I was right. When Expire finally came out, everyone went crazy. The best part of this show was watching fans take the microphone and sing, or pile up when the vocalist was at the edge of the stage. The energy was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I could tell that Expire would be missed very much.

This show really blew me away. Seeing Expire one last time proved to me that they deserved all the recognition over the last few years. This band loves their fans and has inspired every person who hears their music to participate more in their local music scene.


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