3/10/17 Losing Teeth- new music, tour, new merch

Tampa Emo locals Losing Teeth have been busy in recent months. After releasing their EP Houses a year ago in 2016, the band has been playing shows and tours, but hasn’t given any updates on new music. However, the band has been hard at work with new announcements.

In 2016, Losing Teeth played South by So What fest in Dallas, Texas, as well as Vans Warped Tour in St. Petersburg, Florida. This brought the band to the attention of many new fans. Houses achieved around 3,000 plays on Spotify. After many runs through Florida, fans are wondering if Losing Teeth has anything coming up for the new year.

In 2017, Losing Teeth is bringing a new EP to fans. The music video for the first single, Maryland, was released with the help of local videographer Evan Draper. Maryland may be the staple track of the band’s upcoming release.

Losing Teeth recently announced a tour with North Carolina pop-punk band The Second After. The tour starts April 7 in North Carolina, runs through South Carolina and Georgia, and Ends in Margate, Florida. The tour is much anticipated, as the last tour Losing Teeth went on was in October of 2016.

Losing Teeth also has new merch in production. Port Richie tattoo artist Cody Hammond of Electric Heritage Tattoo has designed new shirts and pullovers for the band. His original art being used is a great way for the band to give back to local artists.

Losing Teeth has additionally begun petitioning to join the St. Petersburg date of the Vans Warped Tour. Losing Teeth was elected to play Warped Tour entirely through fan voting last year. Through the participation of their fans in the voting this year, the band has a great shot at playing this event again. Use this link to vote for Losing Teeth: http://warped.amplifiertv.com/channel/Losing+Teeth


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