3/15/17 Counterparts, Movements, Moose Blood, Gasparilla Music Festival

March has been a busy month in music for Florida. Although Spring is perhaps the slowest time of the year for touring bands, we have been fortunate enough to have many big acts visit the state this month. The Orpheum, Local 662, and the 1904 Music Hall have been hosting the most sold out shows throughout march.

On the 5th, O’Malley’s Sports Bar in Margate hosted Moose Blood, Trophy Eyes, and Boston Manor. Moose Blood has blown up recently in emo and alternative rock, with close to a million total plays on Spotify. They are currently on Hopeless Records. Moose Blood hails from Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom, making them far from home while visiting South Florida.

Movements and Counterparts are also currently touring together, stopping at the Orpheum in Tampa. This is an unusual lineup, as Movements is classified as emo, while Counterparts is bridging the gap between hardcore and metalcore. Many emo and hardcore fans have an overlap in musical interests, making this show a great success despite the difference in genres.

On March 11-12, the Gasparilla Music Festival came to Tampa. Both dates sold out according to the festival’s website. This event hosted close to 50 bands, including Cage the Elephant and Moon Taxi. The festival is a charity event that funds music in the Tampa area. Ticket prices go to providing children in the public school system with musical instruments, paying for scholarships, and advancing music education.


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