4/6 Florida Rules Fest, United Blood Fest, New Music from Gouge Away

Florida Rules Fest typically takes place in the beginning of the summer season. This festival serves as a showcase of some of the best local acts from across the state. The Florida Rules lineup normally is dominated by hardcore bands, but this year bill includes a variety of genres. The announced lineup includes heavier bands like Three Knee Deep, Guttwrench, Madtown, Cemetery Circles, and Refocus. Some of the more emo-geared bands include Pushover, Shurwood, Awkward Age, and Disdain.

Florida Rules Fest previously has taken place in Tampa at Transitions Art Gallery, a famous DIY venue. However, since the closing of Transitions, the festival will now take place at a newer venue called the Noise Box. While the venue is technically a religious space, it has quickly become the new replacement for Transitions. Tampa has continued to provide spaces for local music to thrive despite costs. Florida Rules Fest will take place on July 7.

United Blood Fest in Richmond, Virginia is taking place on April 8 and 9.  Many Florida hardcore bands were included on this year’s bill, including popular up-and-coming band Day by Day. United Blood is popular with the Florida music community, as it is a model structure for a self-made music scene. Florida fans flock to Virginia once a year to make lifelong friends in the scene.

Another South Florida hardcore band similar to Day by Day, Gouge Away, recently released two new singles through Noisey magazine. The Fort Lauderdale four-piece has been on an indefinite hiatus from their cult following for close to a year now. The release of  new music was not hinted at prior to the release, making it a total surprise for fans. Gouge Away is a staple among the vegan community, as their music touches on topics of animal cruelty and rights.

Listen to the new Gouge Away tracks on their Bandcamp here


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